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What is it you think I do?

One of my favorite current internet trends is what I’ll call the ‘what people think I do’ images where it goes through a series of scenarios of what people on the outside are thinking vs. what the reality of the situation is.  I thought I’d share some recent and pretty common misconceptions as a full time freelance voice over artist.  I’m sure other creative freelance professionals may hear some of the same things in their line of work.

What my friends think I do:

“It must be nice to not have to go to a real job and do real work”

“They spend millions on super bowl commercials, I bet you’re raking in the cash”

“People say I have a good voice, maybe I should quit my job, lay in my pajamas and get rich doing car dealership commercials”

What my mom thinks I do:

“Did you land that job with that Fortune 500 Company?  You didn’t?  What’s wrong with you?”

“When will I ever hear you on TV?  My friends keep asking.”

“You get paid in advance for all these jobs you do right?”

What society thinks I do:

“Once you get an agent then it’s just waiting for the phone to ring and counting all your money right?”

“You did a commercial that was on the local ESPN radio station?  What was it like meeting Lebron James?”

“Voice over must be the easiest ‘job’ in the world.  What do you work, like 2-3 hours a day?”

What I think (thought) I do:

“I guess I’ll wake up around 10am, book a handful of high paying 30 second commercial spots then spend the day posting on Facebook and Twitter from the driving range about how amazing my life is.”

What I actually do:

Marketing, auditioning, marketing, auditioning, billing, branding, auditioning, auditioning, RECORDING! Auditioning, auditioning, auditioning…

There is the reality of being a solupreneur and the fantasy of it.  I love being a full time voice over artist and serving business and production companies that take their business as serious as I take mine.  It may not be what you think I do, but it is what I love to do.


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