If It’s Too Good To Be True…

My mom made a comment to me once that I never forgot even though she did.

“If it feels wrong, don’t do it.”

This has helped me navigate past some real issues in my life.  I’ve avoided some (not all) dating catastrophes and hopefully made more good choices than bad based on this simple, but solid advice.

Recently I was contacted by a potential client with a decent offer to narrate a promising project.  As a voiceover artist you always are on the lookout for the really cool and rewarding projects.  This was starting to look like one of those.  But as the days progressed, the offer got better and better.  Long term with rates better than I would have charged.  Prepayment via business check (NO PAYPAL FEES!).  No uncomfortably short schedule or deadline crunch.  It was a freelance gig made in heaven.  Or so it seemed.

The check showed up at my door for DRASTICALLY more than I was expecting and for a moment, staring at that check that would have covered multiple mortgage payments was emotional, until the words rang again in my head “if it feels wrong…”  So I started doing some investigation and nothing was adding up.  Long story short it was the crafty work of a scam artist that was targeting voiceover actors and narrators.  It was a little disappointing that the project wasn’t all I hoped it would be, but it was more validating to know that I haven’t forgotten the lessons I learned long ago and can not only apply them to dating and voting, but also to business.

I am still looking for and believing that another great opportunity is coming my way, but until then; if it feels wrong, don’t do it.

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  1. Bill Lord
    Bill Lord says:

    I was raised with the same “old saying” and it has kept me out of trouble for many years!

    Can you give us some details as to how this scam works so the rest of us know what to look out for?


  2. Erik Reynolds
    Erik Reynolds says:

    It was posted on Craigslist where I’ve found several great national clients before. I was asked to do a series of narrations for a NatGEO untitled pilot for a new show about domestic animals.

    After that it started getting a little ‘odd’ when the requests started sounding like they hadn’t worked with production or talent before. Things like asking where to send a crew to record and flying someone to my studio to bring me scripts.

    Pre-payment was supposed to be several hundred dollars, but when a check for over 4,000 came in it felt really good for about 10 seconds then really fishy. It didn’t take much research to uncover that it was a new twist on an old Nigerian scam.

  3. Nicola
    Nicola says:

    I had very similar back in the day with a mystery shopping assignment. I was posted a cheque, had to deposit $500 into an account at a money transfer shop and keep the rest as payment. When the cheque arrived for $5000 dollars I knew something was wrong! I’ve still got the cheque. I wonder what would happen if I cashed it now?!
    Northern Irish voice


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