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The Art of The “like-able like”

There is an ongoing debate about the usefulness of social media in a voiceover artist’s career.  I understand the “black hole” effect that sucks you in and is counterproductive, but just because some of us (myself included) may have developed bad social media habits when it comes to time management, doesn’t mean you can’t benefit […]

Well, that was UGLY (3 simple lessons from bad VO form)

  So I was cruising through Craigslist, like many of us do, to see if there are any casting or audition opportunities for me.  What I saw this week was disturbing and embarrassing for VO artists everywhere.   If you’ve ever spent any time trying to find work online you’ve come across a simple reality; […]

What is it you think I do?

One of my favorite current internet trends is what I’ll call the ‘what people think I do’ images where it goes through a series of scenarios of what people on the outside are thinking vs. what the reality of the situation is.  I thought I’d share some recent and pretty common misconceptions as a full […]